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2004: Ol' Blue Eyes

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February 2004: San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Karen is clearly in the family way.
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February: Eli, Mia and Alec share potty jokes at the Crayola Factory in Easton PA.
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Sophia Dafna was born on Monday, March 29, 2003 at 8:25 am.  For those of you who knew that Eli wanted to name his little sister Bobo, please be informed that Karen and David outvoted him.

She weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz. (3.75 kg) and was 20.5 inches (53 cm).  Here are some of her first photos...

Meeting Mommy and Daddy:
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Sophie meets her grandmothers (Judy and Rita):
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While Karen and Sophie rest, Sam and Mike congratulate each other for a job well done:
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Mug shots.  And what a mug!
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Eli met Sophie in her first evening "on the outside":
Eli and Sophie meet (small).jpg (58949 bytes)

She gave him a gift when she came out.  Eli couldn't figure out how the truck got into mommy's belly.
Sophie's gift to Eli.jpg (48668 bytes)

Sophie's Hebrew name is Tzufit Dafna, after her great-grandmother DORIT Katzovicz (z"l) and her great-grandfather SHIMON Fiks (z"l).

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Passover 2004: Karen, Sophia, David, Judy, Eli, Mapela (our au pair for about 30 seconds) and Doris (our beloved baby nurse) put together a modest Seder that year.
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May 2004: David with his mentor, Shervert Frazier, at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association.
5-04 D and Frazier.JPG (43399 bytes)

Eli and Alex burn rubber.
5-04 E and Alex.JPG (44670 bytes)

May 2005: Eli and Megan Orlanski share a cotton candy and a tender moment at Princeton's Communiversity.
5-04 E and Megan.JPG (68207 bytes)

June 2004: The Nathan's hosted Astronaut Dr. Story Musgrave as the guest of honor for the Medical Center's annual June Fete.  Story loves machines, "the bigger the better."
Story and NASA Rig.jpg (95489 bytes)

Eli's best memory was waking up with a real live astronaut in his house.   Sophie was a bit young to appreciate the special visit.
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Story flirts with Karen at the Fete dinner.  He was raunchy, but she could give as good as she got!
Story and Karen.jpg (51503 bytes)

Story and adoring fans.
Story with girl.jpg (66316 bytes)Story and fans.jpg (80944 bytes)

David, a wide-eyed child of the moon landings, thinks he's died and gone to heaven..
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September 2004: Eli's fourth birthday at My Gym.
9-04 family and cake.JPG (95647 bytes)9-04 E eating cake.JPG (37956 bytes)

At the end of the party, Mommy and Daddy surprised Eli with a visit from Joe, the ice cream man.
9-04 E in ice cream truck.JPG (63613 bytes)

It just doesn't get better than this!
9-04 Eli & Sophie portrait 4.jpg (35344 bytes)

October 14: A Soyuz rocket carries the ISS 10 crew to the International Space Station...
10-14-04 ISS 10.jpg (14240 bytes)

On board was a photograph signed by all of the Nathans...
10-04 Space photo.jpg (43004 bytes)

It was cancelled on board (David's face got smeared), photographed in zero gravity and returned to Earth with the crew in April 2005.  We all spent half a year in space!
4-05 Nathan Family in SPACE.jpg (40159 bytes)

Saba holds two bundles of joy.
back of saba and 2 kids 10-04.jpg (45544 bytes)

Alex, Eli, Sophia and Karen for Halloween 2004.
A, E, S, K halloween '04.JPG (62835 bytes)

November 2004: Eli and Sophia get together for some free-form improvisational jazz.
11-04 Piano.JPG (59697 bytes)

That's boss, man.
11-04 E&S.JPG (64479 bytes)

Savta feeds Sophia for the first time.
11-04 safta feeds S first time.JPG (64901 bytes)

Jamaica, December 2004: Karen didn't inhale, but apparently David did.
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